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CHESSeCLOCK is more then a real chess clock with it's 4 working modes and with the addition of new MOVePAD concept. When you are playing with a real chess set, just keep your monitor or notebook around you and place your mouse to the side of your chess board.

If you want to write the moves of your game, you can use MOVePAD instead of using paper and pen. You can archive or adjourne your games with Save/Load options. To analyse your games played with your human opponents on a real chess set, simply load them to your favorite chess software which uses PGN file format (Portable Game Notation).

There are lot more with your new electronic chess clock such as various sound effects for button push down, flag drop down events, printing move list and we hope you like them as much as we did while designing, producing and playing.

You can download and try CHESSeCLOCK for free during your first 5 launches. If you find it is functional and enjoyable, you can buy using our secure PAYPAL connection.

This is 1/1 scaled view of CHESSeCLOCK when optional MOVePAD is also opened. Black's turn (20 minutes for first 40 moves, 20 minutes extra time for each following 40 moves for both players and no incremental time per move).

Some Highlights on USAGE and DESIGN:

  • It is aimed that CHESSeCLOCK resembles to a real chess clock with it's visual appearence and with it's sound effects. We also tried to keep visual simplicity despite several functions and indicators added.
  • Usage of black and white colors makes easier to distinguish sides and big character usage aims increased readability from long distance.
  • Flags are dropping down to warn game ends by the end of the time limit.
  • Little numeric indicators at bottom of each digital clock are reminders about initial time settings.
  • Another little indicator (optional) which is placed at the left corner of each clocks shows actual move number for each player.

Especially when you play Blitz games, optional MOVePAD window can be closed not to spend time to write the game moves.

Meanwhile, when you close the MOVePAD, the borders of the clock will gain "keep mouse cursor on the clock" functionality to keep the cursor in the CHESSeCLOCK window against accidential slip aways and whenever cursor is about to leave the frame will automatically be send back to the center of the clock screen.

White's turn - MOVePAD is closed and a 5 mins. with 5 secs. incremental time blitz game is playing.

All functionalities of CHESSeCLOCK and MOVePAD can be controlled from SETUP window:

Setup - CHESSeCLOCK has many optional functionalities to enrich your chess game. You may take a quick preview on them from the screen capture above. Software installation package includes a complete user guide which is reachable from Help > Contents menu. Current time setting is Fisher with 5 mins. for first 40 moves and 5 secs. incremental time per move (1/1 scaled view).

Some SETUP options are:

  • White and Black Player Name texboxes are for writing player and/or team names.
  • You can turn the clock not to stand up from your chair when played piece color changes.
  • Several sound effects are available for both button and flag events (included silent mode which is especially needed for flag, in Blitz games).
  • You can show or hide MOVePAD if you want to write game moves.
  • CHESSeCLOCK's 4 clock modes and all time values can separately be adjustable for both players. You can also make the clock timer count upward or downward.
    • MINUTE(s) PER GAME: Each player has to complete their game within the given time. There is no extra time and no bonus time.
    • MINUTE(s) PER MOVES: Game is divided into parts according move amount. So, each X moves have to be completed within adjusted time period for that part of the game. When that move amount is completed, extra time is added to remaining amount of time coming from previous game part (Typically, 2 hours for first 40 moves and extra 2 hours for each following 40 moves).
    • FISHER TIME: Every move you made, brings bonus time.
    • HOURGLASS: One player's loosed time is simultaniously adding to other player's time.

Software installation package includes a complete user guide which is reachable from Help > Contents menu. Thank you for your interest, enjoy CHESSeCLOCK.


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